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One of the huts inhabited by Chagga

One of the huts inhabited by Chagga.One of the 5 legendary Ethnic groups in Tanzania.The Chagga tribe making the third largest group in Tanzania inhabit the north of Maasai Steppe, the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru along with a few villages near Moshi. The Chagga tribe is widely known to be a hardworking group of people and are credited for building an irrigation system that carries water up to 180 meters above the river level. The Chagga tribe uses this irrigation system to make use of the Mbeke plant for the production of local beer.
Chagga owing to its modern methods of irrigation and farming is relatively a well-to-do tribe in Tanzania. Moreover, being one of the first tribes to accept the modern ways of lives gives them an economic advantage over other tribes, as they have gained better access over health care and educational facilities over the Years

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